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[Mar 31] "Pourquoi la guerre?" Derrida and Baudrillard face off. An article on neocon incest. And random thoughts in Counterpunch on war, Bush and the Jesus tortilla

[News in March] Earning money makes us miserable... Jewish women rise through the ranks... Socratic questioning in middle school... "Mankind" as a lazy term... Politicians urged to be like Jesus... And do classes at USC incite critical thinking?

[News in March] In Gambia, a letter to an ex-comrade... How to break the bad news about a soldier's death... Michael Ignatieff on moral decisions... And the people of Southern Illinois outdo Socrates

[Mar 28] News from Italy: The Pope is an honest-to-God phenomenologist, and a letter from Edith Stein to Pope Pius XI surfaces. And Zizek strikes again: On Iraq and democracy

[Mar 27] Condie Rice named Professor of Moral Theology by Vatican. And should Bush feel honored to be branded a "cowboy"? How about the Terminator?

[Mar 26] From Slovakia: "Vaclav is dead, long live Vaclav," and a university is planned for ethnic Hungarians.  And in Zimbabwe, Prof. Sithole lectures its leaders on the social contract

[Mar 25] Now is your chance to rename your town Philosophy, USA. And is your life worth $6.1 million? The Bush administration says that's too high

[Mar 24] On Military Theory and Human Nature. David Frum on a new brand of America-bashers. And Kant wouldn't have written his third Critique if he had been an Academy Awards voter

[Mar 21] The editor of American Diplomacy on how to save the UN. But is it worth preserving in the first place? And a new form of opposition is 'thrown up' against the war

[Mar 20] What is Saddam Hussein's political philosophy?  Hint: Nobody has a clue. And What Would Jesus Do? Bush's rhetoric worries even some evangelicals

[Mar 19] On war against Iraq, last minute appeals from Winston Churchill and Thomas Paine. And is it the dawn of a New World Order, or the cause of worse long-term consequences?

[Mar 18] At UIC, a student complains to Stanley Fish, "Immaculate Diversity? That's Ridiculous." And a constitutional battle brews in Tajikistan

[Mar 17] Lee Malvo, the suspected D.C. sniper, as a martyred political philosopher. And US Rep. Barney Frank as part political theorist and part pit bull

[Mar 14] The slain Serbian premier held a Ph.D. in philosophy and was influenced by Habermas. Who knew? And Africa is grappling with questions of governance

[Mar 13] An essay on Our World Historical Gamble. And the Mises Institute publishes an article on Amitai Etzioni and communitarianism

[Mar 12]
Perry Anderson on the assumptions the Bush administration and its critics share. And get them while they're hot: Snappy answers to leftists

[Mar 11] Antonin Scalia as the Supreme Court jester. And a perspective on perspectives and perspective-taking

[Mar 10] If we are not under God, whom are we under? And how do we measure 'empowerment' for economic development goals?

[Mar 7] The Individual and the World: From Marx to Gramsci to Said.  And how an idea slipped its leash and attacked its leftist masters

[Mar 6]  A Plea for Hysteria: Looking at our time through the eyes of an adolescent. And Israel reads The Federalist Papers

[Mar 5] Slavoj Zizek writes on catastrophes, real and imagined.  And the New York Times considers Just War Theory

[Mar 4] Don't miss these articles from The Philosophers' Magazine: what philosophers are really like, a profile of Levinas, and an interview with Bernard Williams

[Mar 3] John Seery of Pomona College argues that political theorists are the best custodians of the liberal arts tradition. And Harvard remembers Saint John Rawls

[Mar 31] Another book by Richard Posner. Is the university a political party? And articles on the status of three American magazines and two British journals

[News in March] A new center for Scottish philosophy opens... Fetuses may be conscious before abortion limit... Fault-lines for the 21st century... Now it's official: Most Americans are idiots... And "Savarkar never opposed the minorities"

[News in March] Oxford philosopher boned... How bin Laden will be found... The USA is in its geriatric stage... The plumber as philosopher... The connection between Tony Blair and John Rawls... And spring break in ancient Athens

[Mar 28] Reviews: Susan Neiman's Evil in Modern Thought and Theodore Schatzki's The Site of the Social. And Andrew Sullivan declares "We're all sodomites now" in The New Republic

[Mar 27] Does diversity work? A matter of the public interest.  And, the winner of this year's Templeton Prize. Plus, who is Richard Goldstein? For gay Objectivists, he's no John Galt

[Mar 26] Was Christopher Hill an apologist for Stalinism? And did syphilis drive Hitler mad? Plus, Nietzsche regarded problems as he did a cold bath: quick in, quick out

[Mar 25] Simon Blackburn takes on the disarming radicalism of Richard Rorty, and reviews two books that make philosophy sexy

[Mar 24] On Polish feminists and 'opening the third eye.' Assignment America asks, "Is diversity overrated?"  Plus, the long wait is over! The Report on the Work of Government of the People's Republic of China is published

[Mar 21] Bernard Harcourt of The University of Chicago Law School on the 'broken windows' theory of crime. And the Mises Institute on the right to walk away

[Mar 20] Explore political theory with the people of IranMania as they write about the rule of law, the roots of sociopolitical movements, and the five pillars of political Islam

[Mar 19] From History Today, what is diplomatic history? Nine historians offer their views. And Anthony Barnett says world opinion is the new superpower

[Mar 18] Gerald Gaus reviews Religious Convictions in Liberal Politics. And the 'theory wars' break out in an unlikely discipline

[Mar 17] Alan Wolfe reviews books on the nature of evil. And Eric Foner's Who Owns History? is reviewed on the 120th anniversary of Marx's death

[Mar 14] Roger Scruton asks "Where does England's loyalty lie?" Europe's New Constitution: Philadelphia It Is Not

[Mar 13] From Logos, Dick Howard on the chances for a left foreign policy, and an article on the unmeritorious scholarship of Dinesh D'Souza

[Mar 12] A view of Judaism in Crisis: The Problem And a student at Cornell University faces the problem of diversity and multicultural crayons

[Mar 11] A review of Richard Sennett's Respect. And God knows better: A love affair gone sour in Saudi Arabia

[Mar 10] Is it anti-American to be anti-war? Seven views on patriotism and war. And the new science of captology is gaining ground

[Mar 7] Norman Mailer on politicians' covert motives. And should the national anthem be played at sports games?

[Mar 6] "Freedom is the most precious thing:"  Emma Goldman returns. And C-SPAN's Brian Lamb on the other side of the microphone

[Mar 5] Have you ever considered a constitutional amendment for the separation of atheism and the state? And paternalism as a faulty analogy

[Mar 4] When ugly people put you off your food, or the life of Herbert Spencer. A look at the Acton Institute's annual public essay competition

[Mar 3] The Anti- Anti-Americans: Eastern Europeans  and the US. And John Dean considers making voting mandatory

[Mar 31] An article in the European Journal of International Law on the legal semantics of war. pdf And an essay from the Netherlands on The Future of the Religious Past pdf

[News in March] In Nigeria, a lawyer turned image consultant for presidential candidates... Want to impress? Don't use big words... A house haunted by a philosopher... So what is science, really?... And on reading the book of Acts: "Lighten up Peter!"

[News in March] Protesting as a form of patriotism... Philosophy for businessmen and women... Will victory heal the wounds of diplomacy? Metaphysicians get together... And is secularism the problem in modern society? 

[Mar 28] An article on Academic Activism and Knowledge Formation in Postcolonial Critique. pdf And from Postmodern Culture, what is hypercapital?

[Mar 27] Play Nice: Towards a Wittgensteinian Politics. pdf And a paper by John Searle: Social Ontology, Political Power and Social Change pdf

[Mar 26] From UC-Berkeley, an essay on the link between pragmatism and the social sciences. pdf And in Labyrinth, A Case for Socialism: On the Use of Philosophy in Political Theory

[Mar 25] An article on approaches to a Catholic political philosophy. And Axel Hadenius writes about Democratic Consolidation pdf

[Mar 24]  From Duke University, an article on Deliberative Democracy's Attempt to Turn Politics into Law. And Paul Bové writes Notes Towards a Politics of "American" Criticism

[Mar 21] Nancy Fraser on Social Justice in an Age of Identity Politics. And Democracy and Nature on Post- modernism, the Return to Ethics and the Crisis of Socialist Values

[Mar 20] This moment in time, from a world-systems perspective. And does tolerance make sense only against a backdrop of religious or moral conviction?

[Mar 19] Sqn Ldr J. C. M. Johnston BSc RAF on coercion and international law. doc And is globalization creating a new "great transformation"? pdf

[Mar 18] Imprints interviews Philippe van Parijs on the need for basic income.  And Carole Pateman explains why basic income is to be preferred to basic capital pdf

[Mar 17] What's Left Internationally? And What is to Be Done about It. And can a state be moral?  Moral Rule and Rule of Law in International Politics pdf

[Mar 14] Identity Politics and the Law in the United States. And the Revista Argentina de Teoría Jurídica publishes The Resources of Civil Society

[Mar 13] How to uphold democracy in the globalized world.  And a paper on Heroes and Average Moral Human Beings pdf

[Mar 12]
Focus on Ernest Gellner: Pericles Lewis on nationalism and the liberal compromise, and Charles Taylor on nationalism and the modern state

[Mar 11] Coping with Nietzsche's Legacy: Rorty, Derrida, Gadamer.  And America is becoming... what exactly?

[Mar 10] An essay on the cultural left and social hope. And do leftist professors help create leftist students?

[Mar 7] J. Donald Moon on some paradoxes of international justice. pdf And Richard Rorty writes about Analytical and Transformative philosophies

[Mar 6] Jane Mansbridge on The Many Faces of Representation. And 'idealists without illusions' sketch the path from romantic nationalism to thoughtful cosmopolitanism

[Mar 5] Jacob T. Levy writes about Liberalism's Divide, After Socialism and Before. pdf Check out his blog, too

[Mar 4] Jonathan Wolff asks, "Are we good enough for democracy?"  And a report from the Sidney Hook Centennial Conference

[Mar 3] Is there such a thing as 'normal people'? And Tibor Machan argues there is no people, only persons