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[Jan 31] Anti-Semitism, the Conservatism of Fools

[Jan 30] The Economist surveys the Internet Society

[Jan 29] In these times of war, Kurt Vonnegut attacks the Assholes

[Jan 28] How to improve racial relations? Easy, let's all sleep with each other

[Jan 27] Protesters against a possible U.S.-Iraq war are branded as Lenin's useful idiots

[Jan 24] Virtuous politicians are annoying.  Take that, Marcus Aurelius

[Jan 23] Kyrgyzstan celebrates the 2,200 year-old anniversary of its statehood.  Uh?

[Jan 22] The American Conservative says America is nothing more than an abstraction

[Jan 21] American vs. European capitalism.  Is it time to declare a winner?

[Jan 20] Bill Gates on the rejection of aristocracy and inequality as the very soul of a republic (Ahem)

[Jan 17] Bob Jones (is it THAT Bob Jones?) on the 30th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade

[Jan 16] Feminists vindicated? Early man was a slouch, just like today

[Jan 15] Gone to the blogs: Weblogging is fun, but it ain't no journalistic revolution

[Jan 14] The ethics of how to live with the NIMBY Syndrome

[Jan 13] Democracy wins hands down over despotism... too bad it's among red deer

[Jan 10] The Culture Wars return.  When did they ever stop?

[Jan 9] The Top Ten Conspiracy Theories of 2002

[Jan 8] Sustainable development as a pretext for maintaining a growth destructive to the environment

[Jan 7] What the heck is a Neocon? asks Max Boot on pages of the Wall Street Journal

[Jan 6] Patriotism: The last refuge of Mona Charen

[Jan 3] Adult Education: Why we need journals of opinion

[Jan 2] Privacy and Voyeurism: Bad Subjects indeed

[Jan 1] The death of Rawls in 2002 leads to Justice as Warfare in 2003

[Jan 31] Alan Wolfe on the difference between criticism and hatred in American Studies

[Jan 30] How does history operate behind our back?  Well, the Jews, of course

[Jan 29] Reviews of  recently published books on Marx

[Jan 28] Lecture: Michael Eric Dyson explains why he loves black women

[Jan 27] Richard Sennett on the formation of character in an age of inequality

[Jan 24] A Malaysian writer takes on Iraq, Wallerstein, and Walzer's Just War

[Jan 23] Kids, kids, stop fighting for God's sake!

[Jan 22] A funny-peculiar mind-body picture, or the life of Descartes

[Jan 21] A review of the English translations of some of Heidegger's lectures in the early 1930s

[Jan 20] "No Bullshit" Bullshit: On Hitchens' George Orwell

[Jan 17] Article Beyond Fate: A review of God in the Equation

[Jan 16] How did people make a living in the Middle Ages?

[Jan 15] There's a vast redneck conspiracy

[Jan 14] The attacks on the World Trade Center did happen, according to Jean Baudrillard

[Jan 13] Book Online: Chapter 1 of The Reign of the Stoics

[Jan 10] A review of Hegel, Nietzsche, and Philosophy: Thinking Freedom

[Jan 9] It's time to save journalism from its saviors

[Jan 8] Book Magazine reviews Harold Bloom's Genius

[Jan 7] Idolatries of the Marketplace: Thomas Frank's One Market Under God

[Jan 6] A paleo- conservative writes about the despair of the neo- conservatives

[Jan 3] Taking Ideas Seriously: Seyla Benhabib on Heidegger, Arendt and more

[Jan 2] Chandran Kukathas reviews The Philosophy of Michael Oakeshott

[Jan 1] A review of Separation of Church and State, by Philip Hamburger

[Jan 31] Is it possible to have a conservative revolution? pdf

[Jan 30] On the philosophy of the positivists, from The Radical Academy

[Jan 29] The Wizard of New Zealand reunites physics and metaphysics

[Jan 28] What is the unlikeliest cult in history?

[Jan 27] The current president of Poland on Rousseau

[Jan 24] Joshua Cohen on the natural goodness of humanity

[Jan 23] Did you know there is strong tradition of literary landmarks by Asian American Lesbians? Neither did we.

[Jan 22] On Anarchy and Efficient Law, by David Friedman

[Jan 21] Franz Kafka, political philosopher extraordinaire

[Jan 20] How does deconstruction and film mix?

[Jan 17] All about Feminist Philosophy, by Linda Martin Alcoff

[Jan 16] Run for your lives! Marxist ideas survive!

[Jan 15] Yes, Virginia. Game theory CAN help radicals

[Jan 14] A Left Politics for an Age of Transition, by Immanuel Wallerstein

[Jan 13] "The Frankfurt School, British Cultural Studies... What's the difference?"  Douglas Kellner explains

[Jan 10] "Hey doc, I feel depressed." "Ok then, read some Plato and call me in the morning."

[Jan 9] A paper on Foucault and Feminism pdf

[Jan 8] Towards a normative politics of global transformation

[Jan 7] Did you hear the Good News? Pope John Paul II is a liberal

[Jan 6] Prostitution as political philosophy? You heard it here first!

[Jan 3] The Mises Institute looks forward to the next 20 years

[Jan 2] Grand Matriarch Agnes Heller on the three logics of modernity

[Jan 1] APSA looks at the unease between political science and political philosophy