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[Feb 28] Kenya faces a separatist threat in its Rift Valley: Self- determination or territorial sovereignty?  The debate continues...  And what's in a name?  The United Mexican States and its national identity crisis

[Feb 27] The Nation on alternative campus publications, ten lefty papers they like, and The Dartmouth Review

[Feb 26] From Stanford University: Can't a straight, white guy get a sandwich somewhere? And students demand affirmative action for lefties at the Hoover Institution.

[Feb 25] The Marcuse-Nader Connection: Watch out for it!

[Feb 24] Tom Nairn says the United States is the enemy of globalization

[Feb 21] George McGovern lost the presidency because "Methodists are not much on metaphor"

[Feb 20] The Alternatives: A brief history and celebration of conservative newspapers on campus

[Feb 19] Ayn Rand: Who was she and why?  But most of all, who cares?

[Feb 18] Democratic Socialism: A Transformational Project

[Feb 17] Getting Emotional: The study of feelings is spreading

[Feb 14] We Aren't the World: American culture is not dominating the globe

[Feb 13] A new book probes John Paul II's ethical and political thought, and Gorbachev chimes in

[Feb 12] Choosing Between Constitutional and International Law: The U. S. and the International Court of Justice

[Feb 11] The Electronic Intifada on European intellectuals and Zionism

[Feb 10] What is the Real State of the Union?  An Atlantic Monthly special report

[Feb 7] Why is Roger Scruton a conservative?

[Feb 6] Meet the diversicrats--led by Martha Nussbaum?

[Feb 5] Notre Dame as a microcosm of the economics discipline in academia

[Feb 4] Dissenting Dissent, and a way forward for the Left?

[Feb 3] Timothy Garton Ash on the new Anti- Europeanism in America

[Feb 28] Levi Harris is "up to [his] eyeballs with theory." Blasphemy! An apostate! And a Black Latina wonders how she can replace herself.  Who said identity politics were passť...?

[Feb 27] It's everywhere in the movies, but originally fiercely political. The Biblical Recorder says it is (still?) emerging

[Feb 26] Christianity Today applauds a woman's case against Peter Singer on "disabled rights" in a NYT Magazine article. Too bad she's an atheist.

[Feb 25] Profile: Michael Novak, corporate theologian

[Feb 24] The Boston Book Review on new volumes about Nietzsche and Structuralism

[Feb 21] Interview: What Richard Dawkins would say if he meets St. Peter at the Pearly Gates

[Feb 20] Interview: On Bertrand Russell, part of a series on Radio Singapore International

[Feb 19] Another Third Way? The mixed record of Catholic social thought.

[Feb 18] Jesus Christ will come back ...as a clone, that is

[Feb 17] Gopal Balakrishnan reviews Jurgen Habermas: A Philosophical- Political Profile

[Feb 14] Who is the stupidest intellectual? A war of words...

[Feb 13] The New York Review of Books on the stories in Steven Pinker's The Blank Slate

[Feb 12] Interview: Ashutosh Varshney on social organizations, values, and violence

[Feb 11] Mixing the Free Market, Minority Domination, and Democracy results in a World On Fire

[Feb 10] John Gray on chance, cruelty, and Daniel Dennett's Freedom Evolves

[Feb 7] Lectures: Anthropological Puzzle: When does culture affect behavior?

[Feb 6] Can you be smart and stupid at the same time?

[Feb 5] It's Them! Beware the people who control the world

[Feb 4] No so nasty after all: A review of Aspects of Hobbes

[Feb 3] Isaiah Berlin's BBC radio lectures collected in Freedom and its Betrayals

[Feb 28] Green Democracy vs. Liberal Democracy: A green democratic model in the works pdf

[Feb 27] An introduction to Experiments in Deliberative Democracy, by Archon Fung and Erik Olin Wright

[Feb 26] Q: Is the Free State Project some utopian power trip? A: By no means... But it does mean moving to a colder state.  And do you stay up nights trying understand "Left-Wing Billionaire Collectivist Pigs"?

[Feb 25] "The purpose of the present paper is to explore the premises and implication of Laclau's understanding and use of the term hegemony."

[Feb 24] An essay about cognitivism in political philosophy, by S. L. Hurley pdf

[Feb 21] History as a science of chaos theory, by John Lewis Gaddis

[Feb 20] Metaphysics or Politics? The Clash Between Two Orthodoxies

[Feb 19] Lesbians Are Not Women: Wittig's Materialist Feminism and the Casualties of a Poststructuralist War

[Feb 18] PBS reports on college teachers without tenure

[Feb 17] What is Homo Grammaticus? Nature explains

[Feb 14] A Capitol Hill Blue reader rants about the "cooking" of history books.  Travesty!

[Feb 13] The Culture Wars as a battle between Gramsci and Tocqueville

[Feb 12] An essay on how to control your students

[Feb 11] Gay liberation: Is the fight over? pdf

[Feb 10] Lal and Vargas Llosa on democracy and development.  Culture makes a comeback

[Feb 7] Is the right to be lonely listed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

[Feb 6] Martha Nussbaum: Philosophy in the Public Interest

[Feb 5] What's so bad about living in The Matrix?

[Feb 4] Would you like to know about Lyotardian Post-Kantian Aesthetics?

[Feb 3] On the need for Bringing the Statesman Back In