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[Aug 29] From Pakistan, what is the role that social science and scientists are supposed to play in our society? From Ghana, on learning from the Danish experience. AG Ashcroft: "The PATRIOT Act ensures liberty. (He said this with a straight face)." On morality for convenience's sake. Lyndon LaRouche raises big money, gets no respect from the DNC. Obituary: Walter J. Ong. "But people are very polite here," she said. "Seeing a woman in a collar may unsettle them, but they don't say anything about it." Power equals responsibility, or how students learn Europe expects much from the US. And Rush Limbaugh says "Feminism screwed up men and women"

[Aug 28] From Saudi Arabia, on the Arab political culture, and who uses double standards, the West or the Arabs? From India, an obituary: A M Khusro, an economist who could talk to the layman. Judge Moore explains why he is standing firm. Deepak Lal on deconstructionists and the denial of caste. The Final Call on the scientific role of race in sports. How self - hatred is all the rage for white Westerners, and anxious moderns seek solace in primitive hooey. And meet Mike S. Adams, an associate professor at UNC - Wilmington, available to speak on campuses if situated at least 200 yards from the Women's Studies Department

[Aug 27] From South Africa, on economic freedom and growth. From West Africa, Amos Sawyer of Indiana University on peace - building in Liberia, and the Caliphate in Modern Nigeria: Mend It, Don't End It? From Moldova, on negotiating with Trans - Dniestr separatists. New Yorkers to vote on whether to have nonpartisan elections in city races, and California recall shows why we are creatures of habit when it comes to voting. GOPUSA's Sartre on how the New Deal built the New World Order. The war party unmasked: Meet the Marxist Right. How what the TV did for Kennedy, the Internet is doing for Dean. And a new kind of social network: Craig's List meets Friendster

[Aug 26] From China, a modern Robin Hood runs afoul with Beijing. From Japan, who's to blame for the low birth rate? From Kenya, why being VP is the hardest of all jobs. Michelle Cullen on making the world safe for humanitarianism. How the parallel information universes will be tied together in the Anglosphere. More on identity politics in the Hispanosphere. Conservative and cool: How the right has come to reflect middle America's pop culture. On falling out of love with the USA. Is free will just one of God's many names? Daniel Pipes: He's no apologist. On Australia's record vs. the evil-doers in the South Pacific. If you plan to have sex anytime soon, let's hope it's not in Niger. And President Bush is 'not a gadget guy'. Who knew? 

[Aug 25] From Malta, desperate administrators seek advice of elderly philosopher. From SE Asia, on succession, Singapore style. Former UIC political science professor sues university. Thanking heavens that Bush is a compassionate conservative. To many Arabs, the US and UN are One Entity . Guess who just invaded two foreign countries without United Nations approval Parati, Brazil as the playground for international literati. "I can't remember when I last met an idealist." What do you think when you see someone with dreadlocks? Be honest. And why does horror appeal to us?

[Aug 22] From Argentina, economic woes bruises national pride. From Zimbabwe, on Mugabe and why people "bank money in mattresses." From the Vatican, a recently - discovered letter about Galileo. "Bring them on," said Bush to Iraq--and they have. Obituary: Sergio Vieria de Mello. Here's all the news on TV that fits the Muslim stereotype. Italy as the land that doesn't seem to fit. Alabama justices order removal of monument. On monotheism, Moses, circumcision and other practices. A purple patch on delegation and democracy. And Camus' The Just Assassins is restaged

[Aug 21] From Central Asia, growing fears of Uighur separatism. From Singapore, a radio show on the work of Simone De Beauvoir. Machiavelli and the fight against terrorism. On Stephen Law, philosophy's latest wunderkind, and the truth about higher taxes. On the largest system of forced brainwashing in the world. What would Jesus say to Bush about good vs. evil? How the US created a terrorist haven in Iraq. An open letter to post - humans in the future. And a purple patch on power politics

[Aug 20] From Turkey, Islamic philosophers were not invited to World Philosophy Congress, and meeting ended in chaos. From Pakistan, towards a balanced constitution. From Russia, parties to sign an honesty pact (so, do they need surgeons or therapists?) From Taiwan, on rectifying aboriginal tribe's name. Jeremy Rifkin on man and other animals. What makes a liberal? (and part 2) A grumpy reflection on faith and fallacy. How international legal norms are influencing the US Supreme Court. And we've got blog: how weblogs are changing our culture

[Aug 19] From Iran, on the black turbans' counter - revolution. From Taiwan, on ethnicity and class in politics. From Nigeria, on defining our age (and part 2). From Pakistan, on Islam and human rights. "The word truth is starting to smell of bad cigars to me." How Californians are spanking the political class, and idealism motivates law students. How marriage ruins a beautiful mind. Pope John Paul II ponders time and infinity. Theologians question research on the brain. Was the US Civil War about theology, too? On the wisdom of art. And Saddam as a sex - goddess

[Aug 18] From Nepal, on the culture of extremism. From Barbados, on 'our' Caribbean. From Canada, on the progress of Acadian culture. UN adopts human rights draft code for multinationals. How everyone is a victim now, even doctors. Obituary: Idi Amin. 2003 elections: The minority is the majority, black is white and up is down. From the Guardian, an interview with Alexandre Lamfalussy, on the anti - globalization movement, and fighting PC in comedy. George W. Bush, psychoanalyzed. And on a new kind of college degree

[Aug 29] A new issue of Foreign Affairs is out, including an article on taking Arabs seriously, and Kenneth Waltz on giants and pygmies. From the Guardian, on the ethics of authenticity and American medicine, sex talk with nothing to say, and a look back to E F Schumacher's Small is Beautiful. A profile and the plans of BYU's new president. Daniel Dennett on postmodernist truth (Or was it just a thing of the eighties?) National Review on the need for racial profiling. (How does the war party get away with it?) From Sojourners, on George W. Bush's theology of empire. Why there 's room for everybody, even loony left, in social policy research. And from Harvard, take the Moral Sense Test

[Aug 28] From The New York Times Magazine, who's afraid of Norway? On the wrong kind of American Exceptionalism. French musician Brian Eno on lessons in how to lie. From Tech Central Station, on a "religio - social hybrid Islamochristian Europe," on Julian Simon's genius, and is the US conservative - libertarian alliance breaking up? "Pointing out that astrology is but hocus-pocus is a case of but stating the obvious." Neuro - scientists are looking to find the "buy button" and sell it to marketers. On the costs of great expectations in finance. From The Texas Mercury, modern conservatism's inherent weakness, and on anti - Semitism, anti-anti-Semitism, and the philosophical view. And it's not lobbying: it's HBO

[Aug 27] Sarajevo as a center of Sephardism. A basic history of Zionism, and its relation to Judaism. You’d have to be mad to believe in a dodgy dogma invented in 1950. How long ago was North America settled? The debate continues. From the University of Alabama, Princeton Review poll criticized for vague methods. MBA programs in Virigina split on question of ethics. A portrait of Kathy Boudin, progressive terrorist. On Korean reunification: Is there life after Kim? How French anti - Americanism is just a "passionless Pavlovianism." Decisions, Decisions: Labor ponders who to endorse, and how to beat Republicans. And Gambling with History: Bringing Democracy to the Middle East

[Aug 26] Richard Posner reviews Lincoln's Constitution. Michael Eric Dyson on the writing life (he sometimes even raps). On Alabama Chief Justice Moore and the nature of civil disobedience. Activist Rahul Mahajan on gunpoint democracy in Iraq. Two interviews: David Brooks and Grover Norquist. Profiling two former communists: Eric Hobsbawm and Edward Upward. Is wind power finally coming into its own? A review of books on "the gay gene."  On science, evolution and politics: Have we reached the end of our evolutionary history? American Scientist on science as democratizer. The transhumanists take a stab at it. Is human dignity being threatened? The trans fire back. And John Derbyshire says no to eternal life

[Aug 25] The New York Times Magazine profiles "Harvard Radical" Larry Summers. A look at Peter Singer and his consequences (and the original article). A primer on why states seek to acquire nuclear weapons. From Wired, write a story, go to jail. On the apoplexy over the use of certain words. On religion and politics: Howard Phillips on God and the US Constitution. Should minorities be allowed to control the majority’s speech and religion? Dahlia Lithwick asks, "Does the Constitution hate God?" On the evangelicals' split over civil disobedience (and may God bless the USA). And guess who is more popular than football star Zidane in France

[Aug 22] On the "Honderich Affair": The letter that started it all, Habermas' contribution, and Honderich's response. Michael Albert of Z Magazine interviews Yugoslav historian Andrej Grubacic. A libertarian response to Kristol's persuasion. A review of Friedrich Schleiermacher's Lectures on Philosophical Ethics. The battle against the 'isms': More on Jonathan Clark's Our Shadowed Present. On the "Great Tax Fight of 2003."  Christopher Hitchens on the new edition of Said's Orientalism: What went wrong?  And what do you do when your child wants to be the opposite sex?

[Aug 21] A new issue of The New Atlantis is out, including articles on war and techne, human nature, and the Unbearable Whiteness of Being. Shlomo Avineri on Palestinian refugees and German expellees. On Bush's brand of conservativism: Peter Berkowitz, Fred Barnes, and Bruce Bartlett. Mises Institute on the demographics of savings and growth. From New World Disorder, the case against elite convergence, on memory / system / prediction, and is brainwashing possible? And Edward Said on Tom De Lay

[Aug 20] Larry Diamond on how the US can patch things up with the world. Herbert London on Gramscians, the Pelagians and anti - Americanism. How three assumptions about God can shape the moral choices we are called to make. There is nothing wrong with Humanism. On the failure of the social market. How the US is letting international criminals off the hook. Women are grappling with their internal edges.  Immanuel Wallerstein on entering global anarchy. On the myth of the peaceful, noble savage. And did you know that the radicals of the Middle East used to be Christians?

[Aug 19]  Why some business academics are too cute by half. Men with guns mixing it up on the US - Mexico border. From Insight on the News, today's liberals put Liberty League to shame. On the effect of the economy on politics. The Economist says the US is not an empire. Ronald Bailey on accelerating change in the 21st century. Why it's getting cooler to be conservative, and calling someone a "leftist" is losing its fang. And from Frontpage, a symposium on Al-Qaeda, featuring RAND analysts, demanding diversity on campuses, and "Anti - Anti - Semites of the World, Unite!"

[Aug 18] Judith Butler says it's not anti - semitic to criticize Israel. Ralf Dahrendorf on the age of the judge. A profile of Sherry B. Ortner, anthropologist. On Times columnists: Friedman and Brooks. National Review on war and masculinity, explaining Bush to Italy, and the economics of empire. A new issue of The Atlantic Monthly is out, including articles by David Brooks, Pat Buchanan, and James Fallows on Rupert Murdoch. Irving Kristol explains neo - conservatism, again (and a response). And an open letter to Bush on Daniel Pipes


[Aug 29] Nuno Monteiro (Chicago): No Knights in the Bazaar? The Role of the Public/Private Distinction in Richard Rorty's Political Philosophy pdf. From Feminist Studies, a roundtable on restoring feminist politics to poststructuralist critique. A PhD thesis from Norway: Sovereignty Challenged: The Changing Status and Moral Significance of Territorial Boundaries pdf. On Wittgenstein and the Idea of Cultural Relativism. A review of Understanding Evil: An interdisciplinary Approach, and a review of Erotic Morality: The Role of Touch in Moral Agency. And a review of Jonathan Israel's Radical Enlightenment: Philosophy and the Making of Modernity 1650 - 1750

[Aug 28] More news: Watch out! The Semantic Web is closer than you think. On blurring the borders between the academy and the non - academy. Suicide bombing is not a new method of war, albeit an effective one. State budget crises are forcing public colleges to make hard choices about what to cut. On swapping Latin debt for investments in university education. Why do many intelligent individuals so often mimic the opinions or behavior of others, however mistaken? Summer school experience suggests that it is the most curious youngsters who want to learn, not the most talented. And did you know? Financial security can be very sexy

[Aug 27] More news: From Mozambique, looking to make waves with transportation project. From Colombia, leftists rebels unite against the government. Donors to presidential campaigns don't look much like the country as a whole (at least in North Carolina). From Michigan, major in theology, forgo scholarships (but you can take a class on how to be gay.) On a new Catholic political movement in the US. The Duke political science department has a very personal Egyptian connection. A commentary on Jimmy Carter and the Dark Side. And if you wanted to write a book about the books coming out this fall, you could call it Liberals Fight Back

[Aug 26] Louis Kaplow (Harvard): Public Goods and the Distribution of Income. Hilary Wainwright (Manchester): Notes Towards a New Politics/New Strategies for People Power. From The Hudson Review, an essay on The New Darwinism in the Humanities pdf. An article on George Bataille and the philosophy of vampirism, and an essay on Globalization and the Devil: Apocalyptic Perspectives on International Integration. A review of Encyclopedia of Chinese Philosophy, and a review of A Short History of African Philosophy. A page on Trivium Pursuit, or Raiders of the Lost Tools of Learning. And a warning: This book excerpt contains graphic language that may not be appropriate for children

[Aug 25] Cheney Ryan (Oregon): War Without Sacrifice? The Loss of Personal Responsibility pdf. From Federal Governance, an essay on Legitimacy in a Federal System pdf. From Contretemps, an essay on Aristotle and Derrida on Friendship, and an essay on Adorno and the Myth of Subjectivity pdf. A review of Nadia Urbinati's Mill on Democracy (and a response). A review of Life of the Mind: An Essay on Phenomenological Externalism. And from the weblog of an "antipopper", a seminar paper: We Are All Barbarians: Racism, Civility and the "War on Terror"

[Aug 22] From The Good Society journal, articles on conservative - liberal - socialism, policy analysis for the good society, and on democratic practice. Keith Banting (Queen's): What's a Country For? The Social Contract in the Global Era. From Open Democracy, Iris Marion Young on Europe and the global south, Saskia Sassen on making criminals of migrants, a lecture by Vieria de Mello, and a conversation with an old comandante in Cuba. And from the Center for the Advancement of Paleo Orthodoxy, an article on Natural Law: A Critique

[Aug 21] Anton Hemerijck  (Leiden): The Self - Transformation of the European Social Model(s). From Legal Affairs, a special issue on sex and the law, including articles by Jeffrey Rosen, Gabrielle Friedman, and... Heidi Fleiss? A review of Nikita Khrushchev: The Man and His Era. On a systematic and exhaustive treatment of a prori justification. And a review of Rethinking the DSM: A Psychological Perspective, a review of Melancholia and Morality, and a review of Imagining Numbers

[Aug 20] From the Institute of Development Studies, a paper on Democracy and Identity - Based Conflicts: Problem or Solution? pdf Olav Egeland of Norway on Dialogue: What's that? On Habermas, Levinas and Rawls. Drawing Board on 'Soft-Edged Neo-liberalism": A review of Clive Hamilton's Growth Fetish. A review of Overruling Democracy: The Supreme Court vs. the American People. On the meaning of the word jihad (and a response). And check out the Citizen's Guide to the Airwaves, from the New America Foundation

[Aug 19] A new issue of the Journal of World - Systems Research on globalization and the environment is out, with an introduction, and an article on the epistemology of sustainability pdf. Two articles on questioning the peer - review process. From News & Letters, a review of John Holloway's Change the World Without Taking Power, and on Marxist - Humanism, critical theory and subjectivity. A review of David K. Naugle's Worldview: A History of a Concept. And a review of Michel Foucault's Society Must Be Defended, and a review of Modern Love

[Aug 18] A new issue of The Examined Life On-Line Philosophy Journal is out, including articles on soul and politics in Aristotle's Politics, true desire and opinion in Plato, and on sociology and modern cosmogony. From the IMF, beyond the Washington Consensus, on that damaged brand name, and which measure of inequality is best? pdf From Open Democracy, on Sen, poverty and economic freedom, international bipolar disorder (and part 2), and the Puritan route to Enlightenment. And a review of Mary Midgley's Myths We Live By