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[Apr 30] Bernard-Henri Levy says Daniel Pearl was killed because he knew too much. Iris Murdoch's books are for sale. Eco-terrorists find McDonald's too tasty to ignore. From USC, on terrorism and game theory. Kierkegaard as a brand of shampoo. And on how special interests ruin textbooks

[Apr 29] At Notre Dame, how does ROTC mix with Catholicism? Bill Simpich is an anarchist, and he votes. State poets laureate get together. Harry Wayne Addison is a country-boy philosopher and Randall Grahm is a sweeping-floor philosopher. And everyone, beware: The Midwest has awakened!

[April 28] Lyndon LaRouche: The forgotten candidate. New York as the birthplace of neo-conservatism. A new play, "Hannah and Martin," debuts. Are humanists ethical people? On having trouble putting one foot in front of another. Can the rich be good? And on forcing Janeane Garofalo to tour the torture chambers in Iraq

[News in April] From Ghana, the war in Iraq means humanism is gone... The evils of rock music pale in comparison to some love songs... Discussing Nietzsche and Camus with inmates... On Adam Smith and modern economics' anti-business missile... Why do conspiracy theorists fear FEMA?... And an American in Paris during the war

[News in April] Is Bill Bennett a Straussian?... From Azerbaijan, differences in legal education... Income Tax Day as the great equalizer... Are all scientists and doctors quacks?... On the radical world that is academia... The Republicons say the founders saw the Bushes coming... From Georgetown, on the prospects for democracy in the Arab world... On the contribution of social workers to help Iraq get back on its feet... A philosopher must rebuild himself... And a symposium is held on Indian tribes' sovereignty

[Apr 25] From Penn, you can find economics everywhere. Are we writing a new chapter in civilization's history? On why good government is necessary. Christina Hoff Sommers says kids today are coddled too much. And Joel Turnipseed was not going to be a famous philosopher after all. What to do? Easy: Write a novel

[Apr 24] On the irrelevance of Ortega y Gasset. FrontPage on two faces of fascism. Is the term 'fascism' overused? On Herzl's original definition of Zionism.  And from Swarthmore, is the Israel-Palestine conflict a territorial dispute?

[Apr 23] President Bush is a devoted Christian: Thank God, or may God help us? Should you care that he thinks the jury's still out on evolution? Will he suffer his father's fate? News on shopping and waiting for Armageddon, views of the afterlife, and considering the concept of God over a glass of wine. And who is America's 'best theologian'?

[Apr 22] From Yale, professors struggle to be relevant. The era of big theory is over in the humanities, so let's celebrate the International Day of the Politically Depressed. And take these quizzes and feel better about yourself: Worldly IQ and US citizenship

[Apr 21] From Saudi Arabia, on Hegel and geography and the benefits of war. Some Muslim reactions to the fall of Baghdad. Did the end justify the means? Nadine Gordimer says "Don't give in." And a brief notice: Habermas on the normative authority of the USA

[Apr 18] From Auburn, reforming Alabama's constitution. From Harvard, talk of the liberalism of King James II of England. Is there a warlike instinct in the human psyche? Or are war protesters mental? And Rush Limbaugh calls Dick Gephardt a fascist

[Apr 17] Is "living off other people's activities" a Rawlsian idea? UNC picks an official book for summer reading. The University of Chicago will always have Paris. And a report on the Pope's "Theology of the Body" (It's not all about sex. Really.)

[Apr 16] From Nigeria, on the lessons from democratic transitions of the past. Whatever happened to David Duke? And from AlterNet: Yo' mama says peace is overrated, and your friends can become intelligent agents

[Apr 15] Ibrahim Kalin of GWU on the Western perceptions of Islam. Roger Scruton on Islam and British law. How will Iraq be carved up? Think Calvin Coolidge. And William Stone III of The Sierra Times wishes he were an Iraqi

[Apr 14] Who won the 'news war' in Iraq? Khilafah.com on the Western Crusade. From Yale, recalling the civility of '68. And Jean Baudrillard: Now more than ever?

[Apr 11] Ronald Inglehart and Pippa Norris on The True Clash of Civilizations. On the prospects of democracy, capitalism, and nation-building in Iraq. And on the prospects of democracy in the USA

[Apr 10] The battle among think tanks heats up. The French have not learned to love the bomb. Who is America's most philosophical student? And a warning: Reading political theory might cause you to form peace groups

[Apr 9] Book Reviews: Jean Bethke Elshtain on St. Augustine and American power, Paul Berman on the connection between Islamic totalitarianism and Europe, and Fareed Zakaria on too much democracy

[Apr 8] What Would Grotius Do?, or why the World Court is the international equivalent of Judge Judy. The connection between the war on Iraq and the WTO. And can killing terrorists be effective in killing ideas?

[Apr 7] Another FrontPage symposium: The Iraq War and the Lessons of Vietnam. This just in: Books have shaped US policy. This year's campus outrages.  And take Atlas Shrugged and throw it out the window

[Apr 4] Empire: When the laws of the jungle fail in the jungle; The Globalist on the debate about imperialism, and five kinds of empire; a series of articles in The Wilson Quarterly; The Guardian on the parallels between the US and Rome; and The American Conservative on the parallels between Athens and Israel

[Apr 3] War is hardwired in our brains, while peace is sent to space. And on Bishop Berkeley: "Wasn't he a professor at Cal?"

[Apr 2] From India, two kinds of threats: Pakistan and Jerry Springer; and Bhikhu Parekh speaks of re-imagining the idea of India

[Apr 1] Maimonides on war. Peter Singer on this war. And William Kristol on the war for liberalism

[Apr 30] A new look at the 'Cultural Turn.' On generosity and continental philosophy. More on the morality of the War on Iraq. How to build a democracy in Iraq and a new constitution. On anarchism in Africa. Vaclav Havel as our era's George Orwell. And The Washington Monthly on Liberals and Liberation

[April 29] On John Rawls' A Theory of Justice, the book that changed everything. A review of David Boonin's A Defense of Abortion. Stanley Kurtz on The Mother of All Cultural Battles. From Brazil, how is Lula doing so far? An article on Hegel and Islam. And is George W. Bush the Second Coming of William McKinley?

[April 28] On politics and Islam in Turkey. Did the Left go too far on Iraq? Giddens: The Third Way faces a critical juncture. On the paradox of Nigerian politics. History's forgotten Holocaust. Democracy's roots of grass. On the friendly face of nationalism. Does a dollar a day keep poverty away? And the winner of the Bates Medal

[News in April] At Cal Tech, geeks are steeped in the Greeks... Historians gather in Memphis to debate the future... On the difference between teaching and preaching on college campuses... From Pomona, a mural about Chicano Studies... John Dietrich is a fast-food philosopher... And on the lessons of the 20th century for the 21st

[News in April] From Linfield College, Philosophy East vs. West... On the politics of buying a T-shirt... More news about the "Think-Off" guy... Robert Samuelson on Snob Journalism... On volunteerism and recognizing acts of kindness... From Arizona, on two types of proselytizers... On faith, hope and democracy in Iraq... From Ireland, The Mayo News on Christianity de facto...  On beatifying The Kinsey Institute... Bush is holding a Yale 35th-year reunion at the White House... And in France, fighting back against rapists

[Apr 25] From the New York Review of Books, Singer on animal rights, Dworkin on affirmative action, and a review of Neier's Taking Liberties. Chomsky on terrorism. Another shot is fired in the conservative civil war. On crafting Defense R&D in the Anti-terrorist Era. And can the Left deal honestly with dictators?

[Apr 24] When Nike speaks, is it always commercial speech? Thoughts on the First Amendment and corporations. And reviews of Robert Dahl's "How Democratic is the American Constitution?" by the New Yorker and the Mises Institute

[Apr 23] A review of Cass Sunstein's Risk and Reason. And what are the possibilities of risk management? Two views on corporations: Left vs. Right pdf. The Economist on the New World Order. Book Magazine has a list of people who read more than you do. And how competitive is the University of Social Justice?  

[Apr 22] Book reviews: Liberalism and pluralism, and liberalism and culture. The Brookings Review on "asymmetric globalization." On the theory and practice of secession: in Iraq, in the USA, and all over the place. And Ibn Khaldun on "'forgetfulness"

[Apr 21] Special issues on the Middle East from Boston Review, Bad Subjects, and the IMF. BHL, Ravel and Naim on  anti-Americanism. The Globalist on the primacy of economics, the US/UN split, and Central European Realists. And on the rise of ethics in foreign policy

[Apr 18] What Ought I to Do? Moral advice from Kant and Levinas. Bernard Lewis on the clash of civilizations. A profile of Fouad Ajami. And Edward Said on Lewis and Ajami. And more from the LRB: On trying to reclaim the strong sense of "bullshit"

[Apr 17] Libertarian Book Reviews: On social scientists as policymakers, and on the growth of presidential power. Get your bluffer's guide to the sociology of science. And Bruce Ackerman on the war on Iraq and representative democracy

[Apr 16] Did Adorno have a notion of positive dialectics? The Economist on managing modern protectorates and the  politics of oil. How a Ph.D. affects black women. How living in Europe can turn you into a conservative

[Apr 15] A sample chapter from Amy Gutmann's new book Identity in Democracy. And a review. The FEE on the corporation as a free-market institution and the theory of the corporation pdf And beware economic fundamentalism

[Apr 14] Amy Chua on free markets and democracy. New evidence that Plato was not a blockhead. And Abkhazian Rhapsody: On sovereignty and philosophy

[Apr 11] John Stuart Mill takes a beating for his secularism... and another pdf. State Theory Reconsidered: On the legacies of Miliband and Poulantzas. And Robert Kuttner on the efforts to move "beyond left and right"

[Apr 10] From New Left Review, where is China heading? From New Politics, transnational feminism and social justice. And more book reviews: on law's authority and morality, and on Charles Taylor's Varieties of Religion Today

[Apr 9] From Dissent magazine: On the humility of John Rawls, and "Beware the attack of the Homocon!" Plus, safe sex at the House gym: "Don't share vibrators or other sex toys." People can be sooo prudish...

[Apr 8] Christian perspectives on morality and science: Raising the status of dogs breeds dangerous humans ("woof!"), and retelling the story of science. And W. E. B. Du Bois' The Souls of Black Folk is 100 years old this month

[Apr 7] From The Guardian: On the passion and pessimism of Zygmunt Bauman and the passionate polemicist and radical William Hazlitt. And St. Thomas Aquinas branded a "dumb ox" by his peers

[Apr 4] Empire: Articles and op-eds by  Max Boot, Richard Cooper, Dinesh D'Souza, Niall Ferguson, John Bellamy Foster, Philip Golub, Victor Davis Hanson, Michael Ignatieff pdf, Robert Kagan, Michael Kelly, Paul Kennedy, Stanley Kurtz, Anatol Lieven, Michael Lind, Jim Lobe, and Joseph Nye

[Apr 3] Utne.com on a Greener Shade of Right. Time Asia on the Voices of Islam. And does the New York Times whitewash a Communist past?

[Apr 2] From Open Democracy, on the return to the state of nature, the new cosmopolitanism, and a map of visions for Europe

[Apr 1] Richard Rorty on truth. Naomi Wallace on fiction. And Amartya Sen on the future of identity

[Apr 30] Simon Dalby (Carleton): Environment, Culture and Resistance: Rethinking the Spaces of International Relations pdf. Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard (USD): Opting-Out: The Constitutional Economics of Exit. On Scruton's Family and Politics models. And on "embedding" Deleuze and Guattari

[Apr 29] Thomas Olesen (Aarhus): Theorizing Transnational Framing pdf. Ayelet Shachar (Toronto): Two Critiques of Multiculturalism pdf. A Carlton student writes about Burke: In a Sentimental Context. And a chapter of a book by Arthur Prior on The Naturalistic Fallacy: The Logic of its Refutation

[April 28] Robin Wiegman (UC-Irvine): Whiteness Studies and the Paradox of Particularity. Paul Carrington and H. Jefferson Powell (Duke): The Right to Self-Government After Bush v. Gore. Simon Malpas (MMU): The Introduction to Postmodern Debates pdf. And a skeptical look at Karl Popper and constructivist artists

[News in April] On religion's green roots... At Montana, on trying to shake up the shit... Baghdad has fallen-thanks to Arab regimes?... Are white supremacists a threat to the entire planet?... Do judges play dumb in considering abortion?... From the Czech Republic, quotes quotes quotes... And on the philosophy of Charles Schultz

[News in April] From Russia, archeology causes a scandal... Are citizens the best source for social change?... Can an entire country go mad?... Bastiat on Morality and Law... At Illinois, a speaker on capitalism as freedom... On pondering the philosophy of war in college... Should there be an international treaty for scientific exchanges?... William Dean Hinton reports among the atheists... From Malaysia, can a college professor be an optimist? And on the difference between warriors and terrorists

[Apr 25] From the Kansas Journal of Law & Public Policy, an article on Conservative Principles and Environmental Policies. Michael Oakeshott on Life: Waiting with Godot pdf. A chapter on why democracies help resolve identity conflicts pdf. And from Wesleyan, Those Crazy Anarchists! Why those kids in black are your friends

[Apr 24] A paper on models of republican citizenship pdf. An essay about "hobby-horsical things" in honor of Charles Speel. And a collection of articles from the Women's Learning Partnership on the theme "Towards a Compassionate Society" pdf

[Apr 23] Rev. James V. Schall on what is medieval political philosophy. Public Culture on cosmopolitan and vernacular languages in history. A paper on gender, globalization and democracy. From Style, on why ethical criticism can never be simple. And Exploitation, Class Struggle and History: Is Marxism still relevant in today's world? pdf

[Apr 22] A review of Vernacular Voices: The Rhetoric of Public and Public Spheres. On "the end of ideology" and principled politics. Rainer Baubock on the challenge of integration in liberal democracies. And an article on redefining universal jurisdiction pdf

[Apr 21] The Global Site on the political philosophy of global governance. Are nationalism and liberalism friends or foes? pdf Parameters on the War on Terror. On the legitimacy of humanitarian intervention. And a pre-Sept.11th article on US readiness for a terrorist attack

[Apr 18] John Gray writes in The Hedgehog Review on the Two Liberalisms of Fear. The introduction to Elizabeth Frazer's The Problems of Communitarian Politics. An anarchist view on self-determination. And David Friedman on Privacy and Technology

[Apr 17] What is political theory? James Tully and Wendy Brown to the rescue! pdf Renate Holub of Berkeley: "Hannah Arendt [is] Not Among the Germans" pdf. And Sharon Chalmers on carrying out research among Japanese lesbians

[Apr 16] From the US Army, an essay on peacekeeping and the just war tradition. The Sound of Hummingbird Wings: On Wittgenstein and feminist theorizing. And a student paper on Augustinian thought and the critique of Empire

[Apr 15] An article on Leo Strauss and the Closing of the Early Modern Mind. On the ambivalence of global liberal governance. Culture Machine interviews Jacques Derrida. And a chapter of Jurgen Habermas' The Inclusion of the Other

[Apr 14] An article on post-modernism and social explanation pdf. An essay on the New Right's Fascist vision (+ part 2). And what is anarchist integralism?

[Apr 11] John Dunn on Trust and Political Agency pdf. Peter Schuck on the perceived values of diversity, then and now pdf. A preface to the neo-liberal war on the social. And an essay on being a revolutionary conservative

[Apr 10] A Civil War Within the West? Liberal Democracy vs. Transnational Progressivism pdf. Lester Hunt on the problem of Nietzsche's politics. And Max Weber as an economist and as a sociologist

[Apr 9] Douglas Kellner on Habermas, the Public Sphere and Democracy. An article in the Stanford Humanities Review on the 'genealogy' of a nation-state concept. And a dissertation on how new is New Labour

[Apr 8] What is a friend... to black women in Europe? pdf An introduction to Carl Schmitt, via Fukuyama and Huntington pdf. And tough words from Notre Dame: On the moral corruption of the religious Right

[Apr 7] A grand mix of Metaphysics, Public Choice,  and Political History pdf. Taking Rights Less Seriously: Post-modernism and Human Rights pdf. And a review of the literature on humanitarian intervention

[Apr 4] Empire: President Bush declares "America has no empire to extend," the PNAC's Rebuilding America's Defenses pdf, Robert Kaplan's Warrior Politics, Joseph Nye on The Limits of American Power pdf, Toward Universal Empire by David Hendrickson, and Hardt and Negri's Empire

[Apr 3] A critical introduction to liberal thought. And an essay on the relationship between liberalism and education pdf

[Apr 2] An essay on globalizing decency and the WTO. doc And Marc Stier of Temple University on an overview of the relationship between politics and reason

[Apr 1] Philippe Schmitter on the future of democracy. And Sankar Muthu on Enlightenment Anti-Imperialism